Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Time for Five for Friday with Doodle Bug Teaching.

1.  Last Saturday, a group of friends and I participated in and for the second time.  Activities included dodgeball, survivor volleyball, dizzy bat, pie eating contest, an obstacle course, and several more activities.  We had a blast. I will definitely be participating again next year.

2.  Our kids' last day was last Friday.   But teachers had three workdays to close out our rooms.  Monday we had a staff meeting as our final Common Core training of the year.  My district required a certain amount of Common Core days this year.  I'm not quite sure why they would have one after the kids left.  Thankfully the training wasn't too long and I was able to complete my student cum folders and work in my room a bit.

3.  I finished packing my room on Wednesday.  And therefore said goodbye to the classroom that I've occupied for the last 4 years.  (I'm changing grade levels, therefore changing classrooms.) I'm not looking forward to moving rooms but I'm excited about the change in grade level.

Goodbye, Rm. 419

4.  Thursday was an amazing day.  I had the opportunity to sleep in and relax the entire day.  It was much needed.

5.  This summer I will be teaching summer school.  I'm not super excited to be working this summer, but it is necessary.  Today I attended the first if two trainings.  I will be teaching literacy.  Today's training was for Making Meaning which is a reading comprehension and vocabulary program and Monday's training will be for Being a Writer which is the writing component.  Both of these programs require read alouds to teach the material.  The amazing thing is that because I am teaching literacy this summer, I get to keep all of the teaching materials I received which means I just added over 50 books to my classroom library which I'm extremely excited about.

Being a Writer

 Making Meaning

There are some amazing titles included so I will be reading a lot this summer to see how I can use these books next school year.

Well that was my week.  How was your week?  Don't forget to stop by Doodle Bug Teaching and link up.


  1. I see some great titles! I love Tacky the Penguin. :)
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