Monday, July 30, 2012


Yes!! I'm jealous. I have spent the last few days on pinterest and reading blogs and I am so jealous of all the teachers who have already been able to work in their classrooms. I wish my school allowed our teachers to get into our classrooms anytime during the summer. My classroom has been clean for weeks but we can't go back until all rooms are ready. Who knows when that will be? We are down to 17 days before teachers have to report and I like to have my room pretty much finished when everyone else comes back. If I'm not, I start to panic because there is always an impromptu meeting or someone else needs help and I like to be available to assist with school wide needs as well.

Now this doesn't mean I haven't been working this summer. In fact, I never really stopped working. I've been to 6 days of workshops (I still have 6 more days to attend in the next two weeks). I spent almost 2 weeks helping with curriculum planning for the upcoming school year. I spent several days helping with interviewing potential teachers. I've helped to reorganize our bookroom to help make it more user friendly. I have spent countless hours reading teacher books. The count is now 6, including The Daily 5 and The Cafe Book. (I'm looking forward to implementing this new strategy this school year.) And I can't forget about the numerous hours that I've spent on pinterest.

Now after all of these efforts toward this upcoming school year, I am ready to get into my classroom to start implementing all of the things that I've learned this summer. I am so excited about this upcoming school year. If only I could get some work done in my room, I would feel much better.

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