Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Glogster Edu

This summer I was introduced to Glogster at a workshop. It is basically a digital poster board on which you can post pictures, text, video, and audio images. It can be used for almost anything. Later in the year, I plan to allow my students to create projects using this program. I know they will really enjoy using Glogster to demonstrate their learning.

To introduce Glogster to my students, I have created a glog for the last four days to use during my literacy block. I created the glogs as a guide to the lesson, (a digital lesson plan.) The great thing about this web tool is that I can now give my scholars the website of the glog and they can revisit the lesson at home with their parents. Today was the third day I used the glog and the first day I sent the website home with my scholars. They were excited about writing the website down so I hope some of them will go home and view it.

I think my parents will enjoy this option because now they can see into the classroom and they can actually have a discussion with their children about the day.

You can find today's glog here.

Here is my glog for tomorrow. We are talking about making inferences for the first time. We will be looking back into the text we read today and make inferences. Students will complete a graphic organizer with the concept of schema + text evidence = inference. I am excited about my lesson tomorrow.

You can find this glog here.

I also told my scholars today that I would have tomorrow's glog completed by 6:00 tonight so hopefullly some of them will preview it which will help them be better prepared for tomorrow's lesson.

My ultimate goal is to teach my students how to use glogster by the end of October so that they will have access to it and will be able to create various products throughout the year.

Have you every used glogster? If so, how do you use it and how do your students feel about using it?

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