Thursday, September 6, 2012


How do you feel about missing a day of school and needing a substitute? Well I hate it!! It takes way too much time to plan and usually it all doesn't get completed. I always feel as though a day with a sub is a wasted day for my scholars.

Well, I am sad to say that today was my first day out of school this year. That's right I needed a sub on the 8th day of school.

No, I'm not sick. In fact unless I was on my death bed, I would have been at school. I would be much more productive at 50% than most subs are at their best. (I know that there are some really good subs out there. I just haven't encountered many of them.)

Anyway, I had to go to day 1 of a workshop today and day 2 is next Tuesday, the 11th day of school. I was chosen to be a Professional Development Master Teacher, PDMT, in my district and this workshop was required for all new PDMTs were required to attend. Although I really did not want to go, the workshop turned out to be really beneficial. The name of the workshop was Supportive Interactions. It was focused on helping us be better coaches for other teachers. I really think it was time well spent.

I am just hoping that my students had a good day. With it being so early in the year and all procedures not completely set yet, I'm concerned about how they did. I guess I will see tomorrow.

I hate returning to school after a sub. There are so many unknowns. Did the kids have a productive day? Did the behave? Was the sub attentive and helpful to the students? Was my room left a mess? So obviously I was hesitant to return to my room. I was happy to learn that yesterday wasn't a complete waste of time. My students got most of there work done and the sub seemed to be very helpful to them. She left me a great note about the day, which I always appreciate. My students were very talkative, but there were no major behavior problems. Even though I hate missing, I am thankful that they had a pretty good day.

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