Monday, August 13, 2012

Bulletin Board and Classroom Door

I was able to spend about 6 more hours in my room today. But there is so much that I still need to do. I did accomplished a lot today and I will give a full class tour when I'm completely finished, but I do want to share a few things tonight.

First, the outside of my room. My big idea this year is for my students to view themselves as scholars and start thinking about what it takes to go to college and have a successful career. My scholars will be introduced to this idea before they walk in the room.

This a picture of the bulletin board outside my room. The cut outs say _________ is a scholar. I will fill in their names right before school starts. On the first day of school we will discuss what it means to be a scholar. After the discussion, my scholars will write a few sentences explaining how they will be scholars this school year. These sentences will go under the flap with their name along with their picture.

The next two pictures are of my door.

In my district, we are asked to emphasize the expectation of our students to graduate from high school so at my school we place their graduation year outside our doors. My students will be graduating in 2020. (I feel so old.)

To go along with my scholars theme, I placed this on my door. I got the general idea from pinterest. I just adapted it so that it fit the scholars theme.

That's it for my sneak peek for tonight. My next big task is my class library. This is how it looks now. I have a lot of sorting to do and I'm not looking forward to it.

My question is...

How is your classroom library organized?

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  1. I loved to read about your classroom library. I sorted everything out by series and genres. There is also a nonfiction section by topic. in my classroom library. Fitting everything in has become a problem. I want personal ereaders now because I'm out of space. I also need lots of money. I'll keep on dreamin'!