Friday, August 3, 2012

Brain Break and Tax Free Weekend

Every Wednesday night about 40-50 young professionals gather at an establishment to participate in what I believe is the greatest game on earth. It's a game that we first played when we were kids and were awarded with little red tickets that could redeemed for prizes. The place was Chuck E. Cheese and the game is SKEEBALL!!

Yes, every Wednesday night I participate on a skeeball league. It's my way of taking time for a brain break, which I recommend for all teachers. This amazing league combines two things I love: great friends and competition. I am the most competitive person I know besides my mother.

Check out our website at for more information. There are various skeeball leagues popping up all over the country. There are Skeenation leagues in Charlotte, Raleigh, Louisville, Boston, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, and Chicago. Skeeball is a huge part of my life. It is my way of stepping away from school for a few hours in the middle of the week and have some fun. My BRAIN BREAK. I've met hundreds of amazing people and have awesome memories. If you have a chance, your should check it out. It will definitely be worth your while.

In other news, my mom has come down to visit me from Cincinnati. I'm so excited to spend time with her because I only see her a few times a year. I'm not completely sure about all we will be doing this weekend, but we will definitely do some shopping. I HATE shopping, but I can't resist this weekend. It's Tax Free Weekend here in Charlotte. Every year we have this amazing weekend and it is the perfect time to stock up on school supplies. So I will be starting my back to school shopping this weekend and try to find some great deals.

Shopping list includes:
Binders for data notebooks. They are on sale at Walmart so I will buy a class set and hope they last for a couple of years.

Notebooks - I like to stock up so that I have extras in case some students fail to being their own.

Book boxes - I'm using daily 5 for the first time this year and need something for my students to keep their books.

Markers - My students last year depleted my supply so I must replenish.

Storage bins - I have a goal this year to be better organized so I'm getting different types of storage bins will help in that effort.

Anything else I see that works in my classroom.

I rarely get excited about shopping, but I am excited about this weekend, mostly because my mom is here to shop with me.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I know I will.


  1. I LOVE Skeeball! I'll have to check out that site. :-) I've always wanted to join a roller derby league, but I'm just too clutzy and I'm afraid I'd break something. Ha!

    Enjoy visiting with your Mom!

    Mrs. Allen’s 5th Grade Files

    1. I enjoy roller derby too. A few friends and I consider joining a league a couple of years ago as well but it didn't work out.

      I had a great visit with my mom.