Sunday, August 12, 2012

Educational Time Fillers

Today I'm linking up with Christie from 3-6 Free Resources for her Educational Time Fillers Linky Party.

My favorite time filler are Wrap Around Games, also known as I Have, Who Has. Basically I pass out all the cards. Each student gets at least 1 and depending on the amount of cards you may have students with more than one. Usually, the first card says "I have the first card, who has __________?" The student holding this card starts. The game continues with the student who is holding the answer to the first card. Continuing until you "wrap around" the entire class.

I have sets of these cards for reading, math, science, and following directions (my favorite). These are a great time filler because you are also reviewing vocabulary, practicing fluency, math facts, listening skills, and keeping students engaged.

You can also make it a competition by timing them the first time, redistributing the cards and see if they can beat their previous time.

My scholars love wrap arounds.

I tried to upload pictures of the books that I have, but for some reason I can't so here are some links of where you can find them.

Really Good Stuff

Just search for I Have, Who Has or wrap around games and you will find them for all grade levels and subject areas.

What are your go to time fillers? I look forward to seeing what everyone else does to keep their students engaged every minute of the day.

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  1. I keep hearing about these - might have to give them a try this year!

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