Wednesday, August 8, 2012


After several emails to my principal, she finally sent out a welcome back email to the staff yesterday saying that we could come work in our rooms today fro 8-1. I have been waiting for this email for over a week. I was so excited to finally get back in and do some work.

I got to school at about ten after 8 and this is what I found. That's right my door was blocked by three shelves. I had to squeeze into my room.

Here are some more before pictures.

These are the student cabinets and cubbies. Right now they are jammed pack with all my stuff. Wow!! I have a lot of stuff on top. Unfortunately that's only half of it.

Back counter and shelves. More of my stuff.

Another view of my door. You can get a better view of the shelves blocking the door. Also my closet is in this picture. Having that closet is amazing. It's a great place to hide stuff. You can also see the other half of my back counter and sink.

Front of room. White board, smart board (still covered), and desk.

Front left corner of room. This is where my library will be.

My goal today was to get my bulletin board paper and border up and arrange most of my furniture. I covered all 4 boards. (3 inside the room, and 1 in the hall). I hate doing bulletin boards so I always do those first. Then I arranged my furniture, set up my computers and hot glued up some pocket charts.

I am happy with the start I got today, but I wish I could have gotten a little more done. I helped a couple of brand new teachers do a couple of things so that slowed me down a little.

I have workshops the rest of the week so I can't work on my room again until Monday. I will post after pictures when I'm closer to being finished.

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