Friday, August 24, 2012

School Starts Monday!!! Classroom pictutes

The time has finally come. After 7 days of trainings, meetings, and working in my room, we had open house today and school officially starts on Monday! I must say that I am extremely excited for this school year. I have been to more professional development sessions and read more professional books this summer than ever. I have also spent countless hours on pinterest an reading blogs. Because of all of this, I know that I will be a much better teacher this year.

But best of all, my room is finally finished. Here it is.

Let's start with pictures of the entire classroom.

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View from my desk area looking toward back of room.

View from back door looking toward front of room.

View from door looking across back of room.

Now some close up pics.

Smartboard and white board - I love my smartboard. I don't know what I would do without it.

Storage cabinets under back counter. Book recommendations and pocket charts for word work activities

Computer and file cabinet in back right corner of room

Second student computer and book baskets

More cabinets under back counter, sink, cubbies will hold paper products

Art cart with student center - 3 hole punch, stapler, paper clips, tape, homework trays

Behind door - reminders board, job assignments pockets, where are you going dry erase board

Shelves above back counter - dictionaries, encyclopedias, reading materials, data binders

Math shelf

Classroom library - I have already written a post about my classroom library.

You can see the bottom of the Reading Cafe and Writing Voices boards. I forgot to get pictures of those.

Accelerated Reader Goal Chart - students will set a point goal and move along based on the percentage toward their goal

Check out this other post about the Nifty Thrifty Fifty chart.

Well that's my room. My scholars start on Monday. I can't wait to get this year started.

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